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December 4, 2007 / Gabriel

Global Warming Alarmists: I Don’t Believe You

So you think that global warming is real? A key issue? You agree with Academy Award and Nobel Peace Prize winner and chief global warming luminary Al Gore that the climate “crisis” is a “true planetary emergency” and a “moral and spiritual challenge to all humanity?”

I don’t.

More importantly, I don’t believe you truly believe it either.

After all, if you were really concerned about global warming…

…you’d stop eating beef, milk and all associated dairy products immediately. Livestock are responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases worldwide—more than all planes, trains and automobiles on the entire planet combined. Cows belch and flatulate methane (up to a whopping 130 gallons per cow daily), a gas with 21 times the warming impact of carbon dioxide. So if you talk about the dangers of global warming but had a steak for dinner and milk with your cereal this morning, you’re far from convincing.

…you’d push for more nuclear power plants. Only 14% of U.S. energy comes from nuclear power—the rest comes from sources that are major greenhouse gas producers: petroleum (40%), coal (23%) and natural gas (23%). France, on the other hand, generates 78% of its energy needs from nuclear power, and it has the cleanest air (and lowest electricity bills) of any industrialized economy in the world. More nuclear energy would immediately and massively lower greenhouse gas emissions (even a doubling to 28% would be the greenhouse gas equivalent of removing carbon emissions from all U.S. passenger cars). Have you petitioned Congress to allow the building of more nuclear power plants?

…you’d stop using air conditioning in your home and car. Mankind survived several hundred thousand years without A/C, and still does in the vast majority of the world. Maybe you can too. Or is feeling nice and cool today more important to you than the whole world supposedly feeling too hot tomorrow?

…you’d live in a smaller house, closer to work. Everyone else in the world does. Or are you somehow special and exempt? Al Gore, at least, seems to think so: his Tennessee mansion consumes 20 times more energy per year than the average U.S. household, which in turn consumes far more than those in other countries. And in that vein, how about the hypocrisy of the Hollywood set, who give Gore’s movie an Oscar while being chauffered in by limo to the Academy Awards from their energy-guzzling palatial mansions.

…you’d forego pets. Let’s face it: they’re cute, but they’re also furry little CO2 emitters on legs, and they eat a massive amount of food, which is energy-intensive to produce and primarily meat-based (see cow issue). Or is the love you get from Fido more important to you than entire islands disappearing from projected rising sea levels?

… you’d buy only locally produced foods. Nothing is more ironic than seeing a global warmist buying bananas in a Chicago supermarket. Where, exactly, did that banana come from? Central America? From a banana plantation onto a diesel train to the coast. Then a refrigerated container on a ship to the U.S. Then a refrigerated warehouse. Then a refrigerated truck to the supermarket. How much energy (and greenhouse gases) were expended so that you could enjoy that banana split? Let’s not even talk about ice cream (deep refrigeration of a dairy product), or the French cheese section at Whole Foods (refrigerated dairy products flown in from across the Atlantic). Is the satisfying of your taste buds more important than all the kids in Africa that will supposedly die from increases in global temperatures?

…you wouldn’t go on vacation away from where you live. Unless you plan on traveling by bicycle, that trip you’ve been planning is entirely dependent on oil, be it by car, train or—God forbid—the tons of kerosene consumed by jet aircraft. Or is all the coastal devastation global warming will allegedly entail merely the price to pay for your Cancun beach getaway?

…you’d dramatically cut back on commercial entertainment. What, exactly, is the carbon footprint of a blockbuster movie filmed in multiple locations around the world? How much energy does it take to light up all those sets, power all those computer effects, and air-condition all those movie theaters? How about all those TV shows? How many trees were felled and shipped to print all the books? How much electricity are you using annually to power all your electronic gadgets—from cell phones to internet to video games to ipods to flat-screen TVs. Remember, most people in the world do not have any of these, so if you do, you’re a primary global warming contributor.

…you’d stop having kids. After all, the crux of the global warming scare is that humans are causing it. Less humans, less warming. Why directly contribute to Gore’s “true planetary emergency” by increasing the population?

But you’re not doing any of these things.

So no, I don’t believe the global warming alarmism. People who truly believe something don’t just talk—they act.

Until I start seeing global warming believers actually doing things that match the severity of their rhetoric, consider me a rational skeptic. Especially when the so-called “solutions” to the global warming “problem” sound remarkably like the same political agenda that these same folks were previously pushing under different guises.

You want to convince me that global warming is real? Fine. Show me by your actions that you actually believe it first. Until then, save the hot air.



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  1. bob / Dec 4 2007 11:06 am

    I gave up my car 5 years ago and replaced it with a bicycle. My carbon emissions are very low.
    You should give it a try. Maybe you wouldn’t be so angry.
    P.S. Global warming has nothing to do with “belief.”
    The question is whether you “understand” global warming.
    Why would one “believe

  2. skh.pcola / Dec 29 2007 11:11 am

    bob, if you truly “under[stood]” glowball worming, you’d understand that the concept, as propounded by OwlGore and his clique, is a farcical lie. Bully for you that you gave up your car…that’s not an option for many people. And that’s the rub, the “WE’REALLGONNADIE!!1!” crowd want to make all of these decisions for you, instead of you making these decisions for yourself. Fascist scum are behind the entire scheme, and science has nothing to do with it.
    If you somehow feel morally and intellectually superior, you need to step back and take another look at things. You are part of the problem.

  3. jackson / Jun 17 2008 4:37 pm

    Global warming is taking place, the problem is that nobody really knows why its happening. If you want to nitpick about it, its been scientifically proven that global warming is occurring all over the solar system. Even Pluto, as it is moving farther and farther away from the sun has experienced a global temperature increase. So who really knows?

  4. jenn / Sep 21 2008 9:27 am

    Excellent article! The “global warming” you are referring to is actually the contemporary theory: “global warming as caused by humans.”
    Monumental evidence from millions of research dollars indicates that there is indeed a global warming trend coming into effect.
    But, logically, why shouldn’t it?
    Historically there have been dozens of “ice ages” four being major as determined by geological, chemical, and paleontological studies. Just 11,000 years ago was the last major ice age. Since there has been naturally occurring drops in global temperature, one should expect periods of rising temperatures as well.
    So what is the real issue? The cause – nature or humans?
    From my perspective, the human cause is a bit of a psychological ploy – control. It is human nature to fear that which we cannot understand and in effect, control. To believe a warming era is the way of nature leads many – like Mr. Gore and his fear-based politics, to a doomsday theory. However, if we take the blame, we can assume control. If we cause it, we can stop it. Moral and spiritual challenge? Those arrogant minds would lead us to believe we can control nature. Take for example, the hole in the ozone, alleged culprit for rising temperatures. Politicians lead us to believe that industrialization and cars caused the ozone depletion. When in fact, science has shown that massive quantities of radiation for thousands of years would be needed to inflict the damage. And we mighty humans did it all in 150 years with our cars? It is the radiation from the sun for millions of years which is able to do this. Depletion is occurring at a faster rate now – not because of industrialization – but because it depletes exponentially.
    Balance is the natural law. If we are indeed coming upon a warming era, it seems perfectly natural to me. Hypocrites stirring the pot for career advancement are, again as always, completely missing the issue. This planet – even with humans on it – has survived countless natural disasters and shifts in climate, all without politicians to the rescue. We need more people of action, not consequence. If Mr. Gore is indeed right, I am quite confident that nature will again balance itself out – all it takes is another good volcano eruption to infuse the atmosphere in ash for a few years. No more global warming.

  5. jen / Nov 30 2008 1:31 pm

    The actions of global warming alarmists are irrelevant to whether global warming is real or not.

  6. jen / Dec 1 2008 7:22 pm

    Forget about the global warming alarmists and focus on the issue on the reality of global warming.
    I believe that global warming is happening as part of geologic processes/cycles which require long periods (thousands or millions or even billions of years) to be completed. The supercontinent and the Wilson cycle are two geologic processes that are believed to have impact on global climate. I can provide you literatures if you want to verify it.

  7. Jabes / May 3 2010 7:35 am

    Human caused global warming is just an excuse for a world tax that is being planned for you and me by people we haven’t elected and don’t know. ITS A SCAM! They will take the money extracted from YOUR WORK to continue to build and solidify THEIR power. They don’t care about you or your “liberty and justice for all”.

  8. kj cl / Aug 2 2011 10:29 pm

    1. stop eating beef – I’m a raw foodist
    2. nuclear power is not the best option, wind is – we have solar and wind for our house
    3. stop using a/c – we don’t have air conditioning, and we live in the tropics
    4. small house, close to work – i have a 500 sq ft house and i ride a bicycle to work
    5. no pets – i have 2 adopted street dogs
    6. local food – i pick avocados off my neighbors tree
    7. no travel – now its pretty much done anyways, since teaching here makes me $2.50 per hour
    8. commercial entertainment – except for internet (obviously) we don’t have that here
    9. no kids- never wanted any, always thought id adopt, although now that i live in Honduras, it seems that it is very difficult for a foreigner here to do so

    i also have a composting toilet, collect rainwater for drinking, and grow most of my own food

    there are people out in the world that actually do do some or all of the above that believe global warming exists, they just aren’t reading your blog – guess that comes under #8
    i thought your views were interesting though, and had to actually reply since i have met you 🙂

    • Admin / Aug 2 2011 10:34 pm

      Well, I definitely commend you for your integrity! You actually practice what you believe in, and that’s absolutely honorable. But you’re most definitely the exception rather than the norm.

      To your point, hypocrisy neither proves nor disproves whether global warming is actually happening. I simply wrote this to point out that most who claim to be so worked up over the issue are completely full of it themselves.

      Great to hear from you, btw! And very cool that your project in Honduras is coming to fruition. 🙂

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